textiles design – the original since 1996 in München

What is „textiles design“?

The concept of "textiles design" was originated based on the activities of our classic tailor studio.

The German expression "textiles design" stands alongside the established technical terms in the industry such as textile design and fashion design.

Textile design:

Grip, binding and surface of a textile material. Engineers and designers develop new textile structures, which in the clothing sector for interior design as well as technical areas are applied.

Fashion design:

Design and implementation of apparel and appropriate accessoires for women, men and children.

Textiles design:

A tissue is given a desired shape and function. It doesn’t matter whether it is a delicate silk fabric or a woven glass, whether it envelops a person as clothing or perform a different task, such as advertising medium, a sofa cover or as a room decoration.

We combine creativity with years of artisan experience. So we can offer everything from design to completion everything under one roof. The linking of different areas is considered to be our strong. In our factory, we produce unique and small series and deal not only with traditional fabrics and materials but also with new developments. 

This is the base to be able to offer you professional advice  and customized solutions.

Layout and design are just as important as the proximity to our customers that we include in the manufacturing process.

Our Company textiles design focused on the essentials:
Customers' requirements and highest quality of  the product.